Microneedle Derma Meso Roller System



Derma Roller System
Maximize Your Skincare Regimen-Combine roller use with quality skincare facial oils and serum. With only 0,5mm long needles, this is safe for at-home use. It takes as little as 60 seconds to use
By using this easy-to-use beauty tool, you can now increase your oil and serum penetration by over 1500% so there is no more wastage of any serums and your serum will reach the layers within the skin where it is needed most.
You will be stimulating collagen production which in turn activates fresh healthy skin cell regeneration but your serums will work more effectively allowing you to achieve better results than ever before.

What does the derma rolling system can do for you?
– Wrinkle removal, acne removal, improve scar, rejuvenation
– The narrow focus of the site(glabellum, wrinkle, scar)
– Shrink pores
– Treatment of striate gravidarum
– Improve wrinkle and fine lines
– Treatment of acne scars and healing wounds
– Anti-hair removal
– derma rolling system is very effective for kinds of skincare treatments.

What’s in the box
1x Needle Derma Roller System


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