6 Speed Charging Electric Cupping Massage Device

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Intelligent Breathing Cupping Massage Instrument

Combination of tradition and modern technology: The cupping massager adds modern technology to the traditional cupping device, adding vibrating sticks and red light physiotherapy functions, which can be absorbed and released rhythmically.

Compared with the traditional cupping device, no open flame is needed, it is convenient to carry, easy to clean, and the massage effect is better, bringing a more comfortable experience.

Multiple modes, simple operation: The product has 6 different gears: different gears can give you different massage experiences. It can be adjusted according to your own suitable suction power, the operation is that simple

Heat absorption therapy: Heat absorption therapy can promote blood circulation, relieve fatigue and pain, enhance immunity and metabolism, and bring you more relaxation and pleasure.

Large-capacity battery, small and portable: small and light, you can put it in a bag.

The product has a built-in lithium battery. You can use it at home and office anytime, anywhere, and enjoy professional massage.

The USB charging cable allows you to charge in time and conveniently.

The best gift: a lightweig


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10 in stock

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