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About Us

Everything Zimbabwean is a one-of-a-kind, one-stop-shop, for the Zimbabwean Entrepreneur and Discerning Customer. We thrive on connecting Everything Zimbabwean (from Zimbabwe, for Zimbabweans) with the World in real-time, directly and with purpose.

Our Mission

To make it easy to search for and access products and services for and by the Zimbabwean public, locally and abroad. Our aim is to provide a smooth, fast, and reliable shopping experience for our online shoppers.

To provide a marketplace for SMEs, the informal sector, and individuals to open online shops and sell products and services.

Our Journey

Its starting. Its long. Its exciting. We invite you to walk with us.

Our Purpose

To expose opportunities to make money for small businesses and individuals selling online. To provide a platform for individuals, businesses, private and public organizations to access the variety of products marketed and sold by Zimbabwean businesses. Our customers are the bosses, they give us work to do on a day-to-day basis.

We want to keep our workforce dedicated and innovative to serve all our stakeholders. We are partners in the same business.

Our Impact

We come from the community; we were raised by communities. Our prosperity as a company comes from a prosperous community. We take a deliberate stance to empower and nurture their dreams.


We love our country. We are a Corporate citizen of Zimbabwe. We empower citizens and create economic opportunities at the personal, corporate, and national level.


We always ask ourselves these questions before making a decision.

  1. Will we be embarrassed if our decisions become viral?
  2. Are we willing to be treated the same way?
  3. Is the opportunity for personal gain clouding our judgement?
  4. Does the benefit for some cause unacceptable harm to others?


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