White And Black Tear Drop Resin Earrings

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Brand: Handmade


These earrings are a stunning accessory for those who love black and white contrast and geometric shapes. They are made of resin, which is a type of plastic that can be colored and shaped into various forms. The resin is smooth and shiny, and it has a black and white pattern that resembles marble or granite. The earrings have a tear drop design, which is sleek and modern.

The tear drop is attached to a silver metal hook that goes through the earlobe, adding some sparkle and sophistication to the earrings. These earrings are light, durable, and comfortable to wear. They are suitable for any occasion, whether it’s a work meeting or a party. These earrings are a stylish way to show off your bold and chic style.


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Thursday 4th May 2023

1 in stock

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