Snot Apple Seedling (mutohwe)

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Brand: Not specified
Colour: Green
Common Name: Not specified
Features: Perennial
Item Height: Not specified
Season of Interest: Not specified
Soil Type: Not specified
Sunlight: Full Sun
Type: Not specified
Watering: Medium


A snot apple seedling (mutohwe) is a beautiful and unique addition to
any outdoor space .This plant has green foliage and produces a delicious fruit (known as the African chewing gum) that is enjoyed by many when it reaches maturity.The season of interest for this plant is not specified , but it is a perennial that will continue to and bear fruit yearly.

This plant requires medium watering and thrives in full sun .It is important to make sure that the soil does not become completely dry , as this can destroy the plant.The soil type for this plant is not specified, but it should be planted in loamy soil with rich compost and manure added to it.It commonly grows in clay soil.

The brand , genus and common name of this seedling are not specified.It is an outdoor plant that can be placed in a sunny location in a garden .The item height of this seedling is not specified.

In a nutshell, a snot apple seedling is a great choice for anyone looks ng to add some tropical native flair to the outdoor space . With its beautiful green foliage and delicious fruit,this plant is sure to never disappoint.


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Wednesday 3rd May 2023

10 in stock

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