Non-destructive Testing (ndt)



A specialist and world leader in the application, development and implementation of Non-Destructive metallurgical inspections (NDT), we have teams of highly skilled engineers and technicians adept at identifying the most relevant and optimum solution for any practical NDT application. Our NDT services leverage all available techniques providing the highest quality of information that is accurate, informative and sufficient for all NDT requirements.

We offer the following services in NDT:

1. Magnetic Particles Testing (MPI)
2. Dye Penetrant Testing (DPI)
3. Radiographic Testing (RT)
4. Ultrasonic Testing (UT)
5. Visual Testing (VT)
6. Positive Material Identification (PMI)
7. Eddy Current Testing (ET)
8. Thermography Testing (TT)
9. Borescope Inspection
10. Hardness Testing
11. Holiday (Continuity) Testing


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Tuesday 12th July 2022
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