Hybrid Handheld Microphone U-df B Handheld + Lapel Wireless Microphone System

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• Handheld + Lapel UHF Fixed Frequency Wireless Mic
• Balanced Line XLR Output
• Unbalanced 1/4″ Jack Output
• 50 Meter Stable (Line of Sight)
• Audio Frequency Response: 30Hz
– 20KHz
• Low Batt Indicator
• LCD Display on Transmitter & Receiver.

The Hybrid U-DF B Handheld + Lapel Wireless Microphone System is a fixed channel, UHF, dual handheld + lapel transmitter-receiver microphone system with excellent features. It has individual balanced line outputs as well as individual volume controls which make it ideal for most applications. The system has a stable audio frequency response of 30Hz – 20KHz and a range of 50 meters (line of sight) 1. The system also has an LCD display on both the transmitter and receiver, and a low battery indicator.


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Wednesday 17th January 2024

100 in stock

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