Hybrid H001 Throat Horn Flare 4″x10″ (10cm X 25cm) 1″

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Enhance the performance of your speaker system with the Hybrid H001 Throat Horn Flare. This 4″x10″ (10cm x 25cm) throat horn flare with a 1″ exit is designed to optimize the dispersion of high-frequency audio, providing improved clarity and projection.

Key Features:

Throat Horn Flare: The H001 features a throat horn flare designed to enhance the dispersion of high-frequency audio, contributing to clearer and more projected sound.

4″x10″ (10cm x 25cm) Size: With dimensions of 4″x10″ (10cm x 25cm), this throat horn flare is suitable for various speaker configurations, providing versatility in speaker system design.

1″ Exit: The 1″ exit ensures compatibility with drivers and compression drivers with a matching exit size, facilitating easy integration into your speaker setup.

Upgrade your speaker system’s high-frequency performance with the Hybrid H001 Throat Horn Flare, designed for optimal audio dispersion and improved clarity in your sound reproduction.


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Wednesday 17th January 2024

100 in stock

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