Hybrid Cf52-1 Core Series 5.25″ 2-way Full Range Coaxial Car Audio Speakers

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Upgrade your car audio with the Hybrid CF52-1 Core Series 5.25″ 2-Way Full Range Coaxial Pair. Experience exceptional sound quality and clarity as these coaxial speakers enhance your driving soundtrack.

Key Features:

Dynamic Performance: With 50W rms, 100W Program, and 200W Max power handling, the CF52-1 delivers a dynamic and immersive audio experience for your car.

Wide Frequency Response: Enjoy a versatile frequency range from 70Hz to 20KHz, capturing the full spectrum of your music with precision.

Optimal Sensitivity: Boasting an average sensitivity of 87dB, these coaxial speakers provide balanced and clear sound reproduction, elevating your overall driving experience.

Quality Construction: The LF features a black PP cone, 1″ Voice Coil, and a 70 x 15mm Y25 magnet, while the HF boasts a blue mylar 25mm, ensuring durability and optimal performance.

Complete Installation Package: The package includes essential accessories such as grilles, mounting clips and fasteners, 4.5m speaker cables, and a mounting template, facilitating a hassle-free installation.


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Tuesday 16th January 2024

99 in stock

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