Hot Pepper Chilli Plant (mhiripiri)

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Brand: Not specified
Colour: Green
Common Name: Not specified
Features: Perennial
Genus: Not specified
Indoor/Outdoor: Outdoor
Item Height: 20.6 - 26.5 cm
Season of Interest: Not specified
Soil Type: Not specified
Sunlight: Full Sun
Type: Not specified
Watering: Medium


A hot pepper chilli plant (known as mhiripiri) is a lovely introduction to any outdoor space.This plant produces numerous tiny fruits very hot to taste that is enjoyed especially in cooked dishes.The season of interest of this plant is not specified , but it is a perennial that usually drops it’s production off after 5 or so years but can leave up to several decades.

The brand and the common names are both unspecified but,it is very easy to grow .These plants need at least six to eight hours of full sun during the growing season .Soils should be well drained and contain high organic matter .They can also thrive in moderately fertile soil .Hot pepper chilli plants appreciate consistent moisture but do not want to be sitting in wet soil .Water when the soil is dry to the touch.One should add a diluted liquid organic fertilizer to the irrigation water to encourage healthy growth .This should be done every seven to ten days .Hot pepper chilli plants should be watered about once a week and allowed to thoroughly drain .During a heat wave the plants need to be watered every day (potted ones) .
This is a great choice for individuals who have a burning desire to grow their own food .


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Wednesday 3rd May 2023

7 in stock

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