Dual Rca To Dual Xlr Audio Cable

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Elevate your audio connectivity with the Dual RCA to Dual XLR Audio Cable. This specialized cable is designed for connecting audio sources with dual RCA outputs to devices with dual XLR inputs, ensuring a reliable and high-quality signal transmission.

Key Features:

Dual RCA to Dual XLR Connection: The cable features dual RCA connectors on one end and dual XLR connectors on the other, offering seamless connectivity for audio devices in professional setups.

Guitar Cable – OD 6mm: Tailored for guitar applications, the cable is designed with a sturdy outer diameter (OD) of 6mm, providing durability and flexibility for guitarists in various setups.

Optimal Length: With a length suitable for guitar applications, this cable provides the necessary reach without compromising signal integrity.

Upgrade your guitar setup with the Dual RCA to Dual XLR Audio Cable. Experience reliable and high-quality audio connectivity, ensuring your guitar’s sound is accurately transmitted in professional and performance settings.


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Tuesday 16th January 2024

99 in stock

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