Defy Naturelight Fridge Freezer Dac675

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Smooth, sleek, and easy on the eyes – this Defy stainless steel bottom-mounted fridge-freezer is brand new to the market for 2021 and comes with great features. Defy’s innovative NATURElight technology is one such feature that sets this fridge apart. It works throughout the day using blue, green, and red lights, to mimic the natural sun cycle that your fruits and vegetables would be exposed to outside. Keeping them fresher for longer and helping them retain their natural healthy vitamins and minerals, creating a healthier lifestyle for your family. This A energy rated fridge-freezer comes with an integrated handle for easy opening, water dispenser for on-the-go top-ups, and LED illumination for easy viewing in the dark. Just some of the fantastic features to look forward to with this all-new, Defy fridge-freezer, ready to take home


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Monday 5th February 2024

2 in stock

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