Tamarind Seedling

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Brand: Not specified
Colour: Green
Common Name: Not specified
Features: Perennial
Genus: Not specified
Indoor/Outdoor: Outdoor
Item Height: Not specified
Season of Interest: Not specified
Soil Type: Not specified
Sunlight: Full Sun
Type: Fruits & Fruit Trees
Watering: Light


A tamarind seedling is a precious plant scientifically known as Tamarindus indica .This plant is perennial, which means that when it reaches maturity in it’s due time it will produce a very delicious sour leguminous fruit year after year for everyone to enjoy.

It has a beautiful green foliage .Unfortunately the brand and the common names are both unspecified , but it is not very difficult to take care of . The tamarind seedling is drought resistant requiring full sun . The seedlings need to be deeply watered when the first 2.5 centimeters of soil is dry to the touch , but one established tamarind trees do not need watering and can withstand periods of extreme drought without experiencing terrible effects.

The soil requirement for this particular seedling is planting it in deep loamy soil.It thrives in neutral ,gritty,clay,,even saline soil type .Soil should be well drained . Manures are required for tamarind plants : it requires a good amount of well rotten farmyard manure ( cow dung or any organic matter ) . This can be applied while preparing the soil or land.


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Wednesday 3rd May 2023

2 in stock

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