Haeger Hand Mixer – Hg6633

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Haeger Hand Mixer – HG6633

Some might think that baking is all hard work and sweat.
Make baking easy with this hand mixer!
The strength needed to whisk those eggs and butter, the mess form mixing in the flour is just too much to deal with.
Though, if you just love baking away mouth-watering cakes, cookies, bread, scones and other treats in your little heaven of kitchen, you’d do it anyway.
But hey, why go through all that when you have the Haeger Hand Mixer . You can now stand back, relax and let the Haeger Hand Mixer mix it for you!


High Power Electric Mixer Our manual electric mixers are equipped with a pure copper motor and turbocharged speed, perfect for your cooking and baking needs. Easily mix, stir, or beat eggs, cake batter, pizza batter, pancake batter, etc.
Professional Double-Sided Blender Our blender is equipped with dishwasher safe metal egg beater paddle stick attachments, made of rust resistant stainless steel, which can perfectly cut and blend coarse, dry or wet ingredients
Easy Human Handle Our blender offers maximum comfort with a compact BPA-free body and a lightweight ergonomically designed handle. This makes our hand mixer easy to hold and manipu


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10 in stock

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