Cries Of Lone Voices

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Binding: Not specified
Language: English
Original/Facsimile: Original
Printing Year: 1950-Now
Publisher: Not specified
Region: Africa
Special Attributes: 1st Edition


A book written to raise awareness in everyone that the place we live in called earth does have an owner who is counting down time for the end time. The book warns humanity to stay ready for the coming of Jesus Christ.

The book however reveals the unpreparedness of many people.The writer imagines the signs of Christ coming and His ultimate coming and shows that quite many were not prepare for Him. There was crying and screaming as the signs of His coming started showing up. The Author revealed strong winds and heavy clouds starting to cover the whole sky followed by lightening and thunder although no drop of rains ever fell to the ground.
People were thrilled and gathered in groups under shelter. Amidst fear and such confusion the Host of heaven appeared and those who had believed in Jesus and followed Him were witnessed rupturing unto heaven whilst helpless crying and yelling for those that had rejected Him was the order on the collapsing earth.

Its a must read interesting and behavior changing book


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Wednesday 14th September 2022

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