Baobab Seedling (muuyu)

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Brand: Not specified
Colour: Green
Common Name: Baobab
Features: Deciduous, Draught Resistant, Perennial
Genus: Adansonia
Indoor/Outdoor: Outdoor
Item Height: 8.5 - 14.5 cm
Season of Interest: Not specified
Soil Type: Sand
Sunlight: Full Sun
Type: Trees
Watering: Light


A baobab seedling (muuyu)is a picturesque and special addition to any given outdoor space . This deciduous plant has green foliage and produces a tasty fruit (whose powdery pulp is edible ) that is enjoyed by many when the maturity age is reached . Despite the fact that the season of interest of this seedling is not specified ,it is a perennial plant that will continue to grow and provide fruit yearly .

This seedling requires minimum watering and does well in full sun .It is important that the soil does not become soggy for this will destroy the plant by making the roots rot.The soil type of for this plant ranges from loamy (not too loamy) to sandy soil.

The genus of the baobab seedling is known as Adansonia whose species (one of nine) is native to the Mainland of the African continent.This is an outdoor plant that can be placed in a sunny location in a garden.The height of the seedling ranges from 8 centimeters to 14 centimeters.

In closing, a baobab seedling is a unique addition to an outdoor area to someone who needs something new and unique.With it’s beautiful view the plant nicknamed the” tree of life ” is a wonder one should never miss to have.


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Wednesday 3rd May 2023

2 in stock

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